So beautiful and
so beautifully durable
Quick•Step Studio.

Built to last

We understand that creating a livable, stylish room isn’t simply about the way it looks. It’s about how it harmonizes with your day-to-day. How it easily maintains its good looks even as life goes on around it. That’s why at Quick•Step Studio we’re as passionate about our technology as we are about our style. Our laminate floors are built to last with a direct-pressure laminate technology that ensures our floors are completely balanced. That means they’re created to be stable, and won’t bow or collapse. And that’s important when you’re designing a home for everyday living.


Five layers

  1. Transparent, Wear-Resistant Overlay
    Our unique overlay resists wear, stains and fading.
    And you can easily remove paint and nail polish!
  2. Design Layer
    The ultimate in realistic designs and textures.
  3. Sturdy HDF Core Board
    A high-density fiberboard core provides
    stability and dent resistance.
  4. Balancing Layer
    An underlayer increases stability to
    prevent bowing or collapsing.
  5. Underlayment Pad
    A unique underlayment pad is attached
    for more convenient installation
    — saving time and money.

Designed for
the way you live

Our laminate floors are designed to be beautiful
and livable too. From our solid plank design to our
easy-to-install click-lock system to a rugged surface
coating that resists everyday wear and tear. Plus,
we offer the classic styles and colors you love.